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We are now closed for the season!

Thank you for a great year, and we hope to see you in 2021. Please follow us on social media to stay in touch, and watch this page website for future updates!


About Us

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Inspire Trails is run by Jordan — a well travelled horse trainer who has lived and trained horses all around the world, including Texas, Africa and Europe.

Her passion has always been working with troubled horses, and helping people understand their horse and create a bond between them. Having been a guide and wrangler on horseback safari tours in Africa inspired her to create Inspire Trails — a platform from which she can rescue horses, train them to be ridden and having guests enjoy them as much as she does – giving the horses a new lease on life.

“We at Inspire are dedicated to ensuring our guests have the most fun, authentic and unique riding experience. By putting our hearts and souls into our work, we guarantee a safe, enjoyable ride that will change your idea of what a horseback ride should be.”




Ride your Dreams

Join us for a horseback ride through the beautiful trails of the Lower Nicola Valley, just 15mins from Merritt. Our rides are available every morning and afternoon with a 6 guest maximum. Times will vary (weather dependant) we can work with you on times also.

All of our trails have breath taking scenery, filled with tones of Canadian wildlife including bears, deer, birds of prey and astonishing tree life. Our guides are very experienced in sharing with you our beautiful Valley. If you have any questions about any of our rides please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lazy Lake Trail


Our lazy lake trail will take you up and through the mountains where you are able to enjoy the spectacular views along the way. Look out for our resident Osprey soaring above the creek! You will ride through lush grasslands which used to be the lake, hence our name for this trail. This ride is very popular amongst our family groups with children and those who want to try a trail ride for the first time.

No riding experience is necessary for any of our trails. Our horses will look after you.

Cougar Lake Trail

UP TO 3.5 HOURS | $145

This trail will take you up and through the mountains to a quaint, beautiful, very still little fishing lake. You can see and hear the fish jumping out of the water. Beside the lake is a stunning limestone cliff which is home to many Picas, a very rare rodent — you will hear them before you see them! We will tie our horses up and enjoy our lunch here.

This trail consists of crossing creeks, bridges, mountains and forest. Our guide will point out the beautiful resident family of bald eagles we have on this trail.

Whilst no riding experience is necessary, horse riding is a physical activity that requires balance and strength. We will hand pick the horse for you and your ability.

The Beach Trail

UP TO 4 HOURS | $155

Wow! Our horses will take you through forests, up mountains, open grasslands and ride alongside a beautiful big lake. Our lunch destination is on the soft sandy beach with an old historical dwelling. This was most likely a trappers cabin, a cultural icon. The beautiful mule and white tail deer are often seen on this trail.

Whilst no riding experience is necessary, horse riding is a physical activity that requires balance and strength. We will hand pick the horse for you and your ability.


Meet our Family

These are our permanent residents at Inspire Trails. We offer a trail program in which other horses will join us for one season then go home for the winter. These horses come in for either further training or experience. If you would like to inquire about your horse joining the Inspire team for a season, please contact us!



Percheron X • 7 years old

Oh Tulip, our biggest horse with an even bigger heart! Appropriately nicknamed “BFG” (big friendly giant). Tulip was the first horse Jordan ever trained here in Canada; the ranch Tulip came from deemed her useless, so when Jordan started Inspire Trails she knew she had to offer to buy Tulip. Now she is our herd protector who absolutely loves the trails. She is the rare kind of horse that does not want to turn to come home.

Tulip’s favourite thing of all time is anything edible.



Reg Quarter Horse Paint Mare • 7 years old

Sweet Annie was saved from going to the slaughter house, her owner at the time accused her of being dangerous and unfriendly. We adopted her from Freedoms gate rescue centre, and thank goodness we did! With time, training, and rehabilitation, Annie has turned out to be the kindest little mare. She is very eager and just adores children.

Annie’s favourite thing is to be bathed and brushed.



Quarter Horse • 13 years old

Bubbles is what you call a very “fancy bred” mare. However, apparently she wasn’t athletic enough and her head was too big. Well, Bubbles, we think you are stunning! Bubbles is truly an all-rounder, one of a kind horse. She will take care of absolutely anyone who is lucky enough to ride or be around her.

She loves loves the trails, barrel racing, and has a fascination with my morning tea.



Quarter Horse • 11 years old

Little Luna, unfortunately Luna’s mom passed away when she was only two days old. This means she had to be hand-reared. Well, this has led her to believe she is a human. Humans are Luna’s favourite thing, as long as she is with humans she is more than happy. Luna is a gaited horse which makes her a very smooth ride. She loves the water and is the first one to talk to you on arrival.

P.S. Bubbles is her best horse friend.



Quarter Horse • 5 years old

Willow had an amazing start to life. Jordan saw her for sale and immediately took a shine to her, and knew she had to meet her. Willow was Jordan’s lead horse, however Willow has proven to be such an amazing horse that Jordan has decided to share her with you!

Willow is a wise horse for her age. It’s hard to believe she’s only 5! She is very eager to please, very laid back, fearless and independent.

Her favourite things are ear scratches and rolling in the mud (of course, being the lightest coloured horse).



Reg Paint Mare • 14 years old

Misty is a very sensitive soul. When Misty first arrived she was scared of her own shadow. With lots of time, patience and trust Misty has come out of her shell. Misty is a wrangle horse only right now due to her sensitivity and lack of trust in humans. We are unsure of Misty’s past however it doesn’t seem like she had an easy, loving one.

Misty’s favourite things are carrots (now that she trusts us enough to take one) and horsing around with Tulip.



Quarter Horse • 11 years old

Cookie came from very dear friends, she was used as a working cow horse. She has muscles leaner than Arnold Schwarzenegger! Cookie is very smart and eager to please her humans. She loves work and gets upset if she isn’t picked to go on the trails even when it’s her day off!

Her favourite things are to steal snacks on the trails when you aren’t paying attention … she’s a smart Cookie!




We are very fortunate to operate out of a horse camp site named Hidden Valley rustic horse campground ran by the amazing Mack family.  This means you can bring your own horse and ride the trails by yourself or with your group. 

This camp site is absolutely stunning, from the sounds of the creek running through to the view of the stars at night. These views will take your breath away. This really is a place of beauty and serenity. 


All of our accommodations are self catering only. 

  • Rustic cabin
  • Places to set up your RV
  • A spot for your tent
  • Corral for your horse


  • Coin-operated showers ($1 Loonie) 
  • Your own fire pit

    (Please note: BC has a fire ban during the heights of the summer season) 

  • A creek to swim in
  • Miles upon miles of trails to walk or ride


To arrange camping with or without a horse, please contact Clint Mack at Hidden Valley Rustic Horse camp ground.

Email: hiddenvalleyrustichorsecamp@gmail.com
Phone: 250.378.1848
Website: hiddenvalleyhorsecamp.com

Note: While there are opportunities to hire a guide from Inspire, we do not offer this during our busiest times. Please contact us if this is something you would be interested in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own horse to camp?


Can I camp with my own RV or tent?


Do you have a selection of rustic cabins to stay in?


Do I have to bring my own horse to camp?

No, Inspire has you covered.

Can I bring my horse and join a trail ride?

No, sorry. There is too much risk and liability.

Can I bring my dog on the trails?

No, sorry. There is too much risk and liability.

Do you rent out your horses?

Can you imagine renting out your family members? Neither can we.

We’d love to hear from you!

Contact us today to learn more about what we offer and to book your own historical trail ride today. Reach out to us by phone or email, and we will be in contact to answer your questions






We are closed for the season. Thank you for a great year, and see you in 2021!