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Our Horses

Meet our Family

These are our permanent residents at Inspire Trails. We offer a trail program in which other horses will join us for one season then go home for the winter. These horses come in for either further training or experience. If you would like to inquire about your horse joining the Inspire team for a season, please contact us!



Percheron X • 10 years old

Oh Tulip, our biggest horse with an even bigger heart! Appropriately nicknamed “BFG” (big friendly giant). Tulip was the first horse Jordan ever trained here in Canada; the ranch Tulip came from deemed her useless, so when Jordan started Inspire Trails she knew she had to offer to buy Tulip. Now she is our herd protector who absolutely loves the trails. She is the rare kind of horse that does not want to turn to come home.

Tulip’s favourite thing of all time is anything edible.



Reg Quarter Horse Paint Mare • 10 years old

Sweet Annie was saved from going to the slaughter house, her owner at the time accused her of being dangerous and unfriendly. We adopted her from Freedoms gate rescue centre, and thank goodness we did! With time, training, and rehabilitation, Annie has turned out to be the kindest little mare. She is very eager and just adores children.

Annie’s favourite thing is to be bathed and brushed. And yes, she is adorable in her pink toque.



Quarter Horse • 16 years old

Bubbles is what you call a very “fancy bred” mare. However, apparently she wasn’t athletic enough and her head was too big. Well, Bubbles, we think you are stunning! Bubbles is truly an all-rounder, one of a kind horse. She will take care of absolutely anyone who is lucky enough to ride or be around her.

She loves loves the trails, barrel racing, and has a fascination with my morning tea.



Quarter Horse • 13 years old

Little Luna, unfortunately Luna’s mom passed away when she was only two days old. This means she had to be hand-reared. Well, this has led her to believe she is a human. Humans are Luna’s favourite thing, as long as she is with humans she is more than happy. Luna is a gaited horse which makes her a very smooth ride. She loves the water and is the first one to talk to you on arrival.

P.S. Bubbles is her best horse friend.



Quarter Horse • 7 years old

Willow had an amazing start to life. Jordan saw her for sale and immediately took a shine to her, and knew she had to meet her. Willow was Jordan’s lead horse, however Willow has proven to be such an amazing horse that Jordan has decided to share her with you!

Willow is a wise horse for her age. It’s hard to believe she’s only 5! She is very eager to please, very laid back, fearless and independent.

Her favourite things are ear scratches and rolling in the mud (of course, being the lightest coloured horse).



Reg Paint Mare • 17 years old

Misty is a very sensitive soul. When Misty first arrived she was scared of her own shadow. With lots of time, patience and trust Misty has come out of her shell. Misty is a wrangle horse only right now due to her sensitivity and lack of trust in humans. We are unsure of Misty’s past however it doesn’t seem like she had an easy, loving one.

Misty’s favourite things are carrots (now that she trusts us enough to take one) and horsing around with Tulip.



Quarter Horse • 14 years old

Cookie came from very dear friends, she was used as a working cow horse. She has muscles leaner than Arnold Schwarzenegger! Cookie is very smart and eager to please her humans. She loves work and gets upset if she isn’t picked to go on the trails even when it’s her day off!

Her favourite things are to steal snacks on the trails when you aren’t paying attention … she’s a smart Cookie!



AQHA Mare • 20 years old

Rosie is a very calm, quiet and loving girl. Rosie came from a fantastic home but she was on her own for quite a lot of years. Today she absolutely thrives being in our herd. Being the oldest, she has taken the young girls under her hooves and does an amazing job of it. Her favourite things are carrots, grooms and naps.

You can literally see her rolling her eyes when Willow, Luna and Cheyenne all mess around!



QH X Mare • 9 years old

Also known as “Dora the Explorer.”

Why Dora? She loves to wander and explore. Although she never leaves the herd, she wants to take her own path. Cheyenne came from Vanderhoof, a wonderful loving home that wanted her to be somewhere she could enjoy the trails. Why, she loves the trails! She does need a compass though.

Cheyenne is a huge love bug. She loves her ears being scratched and playing with Willow.

Black Velvet

Black Velvet

QH Mare • 15 years old

Gosh, this horse is a stunner and boy does she know it. She will pose for pics like she will be on the front cover of magazines. Velvet will join us every season then goes home to her family off season. We keep her happy, fit and healthy. Velvet is very much Tulip’s Robin (sidekick), together these two will rule the world some day!

Velvet loves splashing in any bit of water she can find. Be prepared to get wet if you ride through the rivers on Velvet.



QH Paint Mare • 12 years old

Sadly, Aaloka’s backstory is a tragic one. She was found in a pasture with abandoned horses, starving, some dead and worst of all, her dead baby by her side.

This horse is very special. It has taken a long time for her to have any trust in humans so for her to trust us and be apart of our family – we are truly blessed. It is obvious she is spiritual beauty. She thrives in our herd and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for you Aaloka. Keep shining.

Aaloka is the only horse that is not ridden but please, go and say hello to her in the pasture – from the fence of course.



Warlander Horse • 12 years old

Also known as “The Beast” or “Maize”.

Maya came to Jordan as a client horse in 2020. The owner wanted to pull her out of the competitive world and into a more relaxed environment as it was turning her stir crazy. Maya didnt have much experience on trails – cows are still dinosaurs! – but show her a Moose and she will not be phased.

Maya is a one of a kind horse. She is very smart, beautiful and highly strung. Jordan fell in love with her immediately. Fast forward a couple of years later. Maya was sold to Jordan and now they are true partners. They do everything together. Trails, dressage and some mountain trail shows.

Jordan dedicates the song “Wild As Her by Corey Kent” to Maya as “she never wanted to be white picket fenced in” and “she was just looking for somebody as wild as her”. She is a reminder to Jordan daily that to gain a horses confidence we need not seek to diminish how alert and responsive they are but to learn to keep up with the dance. Maze is certainly not for the faint hearted. If Jordan is on your trail you can bet that you will get to meet this beautiful beast.

Ride your Dreams

Join us for a horseback ride through the beautiful trails of the Thompson-Nicola, near Kamloops and Merritt. Our rides are available every morning and afternoon with a 6 guest maximum. Times may vary depending on weather, though we will work with you to ensure a safe travel time for the group.

All of our trails have breath taking scenery, and on our ride we are likely to see eagles, beavers, black bear, moose, white tail deer, mule deer, raccoons, marmots, and much more. Our guides are very experienced in sharing with you our beautiful Valley. If you have any questions about any of our rides please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Google Business listing will bring you right to us. Once on the property, please follow the Inspire Trails signage.

From the Coquihalla

Take the Lac Le Jeune/Logan Lake exit 336 - driveway is exactly 12.8km from this junction on your left

30 mins north of Merritt or 25 mins south of Kamloops, follow the signs west toward Logan Lake. You are now on the 97D, also known as Meadow Creek Rd. Stay on this road until you hit our drive (you will see big red barns). You will see Inspire Trails signage once on the property - please follow them.

We are the smaller red barns at the back.

From Logan Lake, the driveway is exactly 11km on your right.




Ride Times

Ride times will vary during the season. As it gets hotter we will be going out earlier in the morning and later in the evening.

Please state a preferred time when booking your trail ride.

Important Information

We are located on a working cattle farm. If you encounter a closed gate, then please close it behind you before proceeding. If a gate is found open, then please leave it open.

The rule of thumb is “If gate is already open, leave it open. If closed, then leave it closed.”